Our Team


In the realm where real estate is the quintessence of our professional existence, ESTATES61 emerges as a formidable force. Exclusively collaborating with discerning builders, we redefine the industry landscape with an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and unmatched client satisfaction.

Our Approach

Engaged solely in original transactions and steering clear of resale, ESTATES61 specializes in land aggregation. Our meticulous approach involves thoroughly evaluating the feasibility and providing transparent information about the land, ensuring a foundation built on trust and reliability. We are not just real estate enthusiasts; we are architects of exceptional experiences.

Technology-Driven Excellence

At ESTATES61, technology is not just a tool; it's our driving force. Partnering with industry leaders such as Salesforce, Tata Consultancy Services, Nivasoft and Fues Technology Solutions. we leverage cutting-edge solutions to redefine and elevate every aspect of the real estate experience.

Our Team

"Mr. Thyagarajan K, the visionary force behind ESTATES61 since 2002. With an illustrious journey in real estate and proud ownership of multiple theaters, his commitment to transforming the industry is marked by openness and integrity. He shapes ESTATES61's ethos, elevating real estate standards. With a legacy of expertise, innovation, and ethical practices, Mr. K. Thyagarajan leads ESTATES61 into new boundaries with unwavering dedication to transparency and trust."

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Thyagarajan K


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Prashanth Sridhar

Vice President

"Prashanth Sridhar's visionary leadership propels ESTATES61 to new heights, and alongside him, the Vice President, Prashanth Sridhar, adds indispensable expertise. Prashanth Sridhar is a catalyst for innovation, steering the company with strategic precision. His dynamic leadership inspires a culture of excellence, setting ESTATES61 apart in the real estate landscape. With a commitment to exceeding industry standards, Prashanth Sridhar ensures ESTATES61 remains a trusted and pioneering force, continually creating value for clients and stakeholders."

"Anushma Prashanth, the consummate professional, not only dons various roles with effortless grace, merging HR acumen with marketing finesse, but also stands as the quintessence of business analysis at ESTATES61, orchestrating intricate corporate strategies with unparalleled mastery in a realm where precision is paramount. Her pivotal role as the business analyst is the bedrock of ESTATES61's dynamic operations, showcasing a proficiency that transcends conventional boundaries."

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Anushma Prashanth

HR and Marketing Manager

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Clinton Sundersingh

Digital Head

"Clinton Sundersingh, our esteemed digital maestro at ESTATES61, is the visionary architect shaping our online presence. Renowned for his innovative digital campaigns, Clinton not only captivates audiences but also propels ESTATES61 into a league of its own in the digital realm. His strategic brilliance not only sets us apart but also illuminates real estate in an entirely new and compelling light, defining our brand with a digital vibrancy that resonates in the ever-evolving landscape of online excellence."

"Adelyn M. Jennifer, the luminary behind our visual aesthetics at ESTATES61, transcends conventional design boundaries. With an innate ability to infuse creativity into every pixel, she transforms abstract concepts into visually stunning masterpieces. Her design philosophy not only elevates the ESTATES61 brand but also breathes life into our marketing collateral, where each piece becomes an artistic revelation. Every graphic element crafted under her purview resonates with a harmonious blend of innovation and visual allure, leaving an indelible imprint on our brand identity. "

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Adelyn M. Jennifer

Graphic Designer

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Aravindh SM

Creative Visionary

"Embarking on a journey where pixels dance and ideas flourish, Aravindh is the maestro behind our visual narrative. As our resident graphic virtuoso, he orchestrates a symphony of design, seamlessly blending form and function. With an unwavering commitment to aesthetic brilliance, Aravindh transforms concepts into visual tales that resonate. He is not just a designer; he is the brushstrokes that paint the vibrant personality of our brand. Step into the enchanting world crafted by Aravindh, where innovation meets imagination"

"Adithya Kanivannan, our inside sales maven at ESTATES61, navigates the intricate domain of client engagement with unparalleled finesse. Her commitment to comprehending client needs and delivering exceptional service positions her as an indispensable force in crafting our client success stories. Beyond her prowess in inside sales, Adithya also plays the role of a business analyst, bringing a distinct analytical perspective enriching the strategic fabric of ESTATES61's operations."

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Adithya Kanivannan

Inside Sales Executive

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Iswarya K

Lead Assistant Executive

"As the linchpin of presales operations at ESTATES61, Iswarya K. operates as the single point of contact (SPOC) for builders. Her role involves meticulously verifying leads before facilitating strategic connections with builders. Iswarya K.'s adept leadership and precise methodology ensure a seamless journey from initial interest to strategic investment. Her commitment to excellence establishes the gold standard for service-oriented real estate experiences at ESTATES61, solidifying the company's dedication to client satisfaction."

"Heading the presales department, Jayaseelan, our luminary, or chestrates strategic finesse. Overseeing individual builder teams, he also takes charge of employee training, conducts call audits, advocates for site visits, and continually encourages the team to boost site visit numbers. Jayaseelan's leadership extends to driving sales, ensuring that each presales interaction with ESTATES61 transcends a mere transaction, evolving into a journey marked by unparalleled real estate experiences."

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Team Leader Presales

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Sakthi Vel

Presales Executive

"Meet Sakthi Vel, our stellar Pre-Sales Executive at Estates61. With an artful approach to client engagement, Sakthi navigates the real estate landscape with precision and insight. His commitment to innovation and building lasting relationships sets him apart, ensuring every client journey is exceptional. At Estates61, Sakthi Vel goes beyond boundaries, redefining excellence in pre-sales strategies. Join us in recognizing his invaluable contributions to our team. "

"With her strong analytical abilities and customer-centric approach, Kowshalya is poised to excel in her role as a presales agent. Her commitment to delivering top-notch service and building lasting relationships with our clients aligns perfectly with our values. We're thrilled to have Kowshalya as part of our team and are confident she will thrive in helping us achieve our goals."

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Presales executive

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Presales executive

"With her exceptional communication skills and attention to detail, Kanimozhi is set to make a significant impact on our presales efforts. Her dedication to understanding our clients' needs and providing tailored solutions will undoubtedly strengthen our team. We're excited to have Kanimozhi on board and look forward to her contributions to our continued success!"

Welcoming Our Furry Companions

Meet Mungo and Snowy, the cherished companions of our Founder and Vice President. At ESTATES61, we embrace a holistic approach to family, proudly declaring ourselves a pet-friendly haven. This nurturing environment extends beyond our team to create an inviting space for every client.

Mongo - Chief Cuteness
Officer - CCO
Snowy - Hyperactive Royal
Hugger - HRH

Your Invitation

Step into the realm of ESTATES61, where each real estate endeavor is an artful creation. We extend an invitation to join us, experience the confluence of passion and expertise, and embark on a journey where your real estate aspirations find expression with precision and care. Discover a new standard of distinction in every property transaction.

Technology Partner

Estates 61 Marketing Cloud Differentiator

As a prominent real estate marketing/channel partner, Estates 61 has consistently pursued core objectives aimed at revolutionizing the industry. These objectives encompass:

  1. Generating High-Quality Leads: Employing cutting-edge strategies to attract and convert leads, ensuring a robust pipeline of potential buyers.

  2. Creating a Unique Buying Experience: Leveraging technology to provide a distinctive and seamless journey for customers, combining the efficiency of automation with personalized guidance.

  3. Continuous Customer Engagement: Implementing strategies that keep customers involved throughout their buying process, fostering a sense of connection and involvement.

  4. Tailored Services for New Buyers: Offering unique and relevant services to new buyers, thereby ensuring not only successful transactions but also building the foundation for long-term business relationships

  5. Constant Value Delivery: Ensuring a continuous flow of value to both customers and Estates 61, establishing the brand as synonymous with excellence in the real estate sector.

To set itself apart within the channel partner community and unlock the full potential of the Real Estate and Infrastructure space, Estates 61 strategically embraced technology. The Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud emerged as transformative solutions to elevate customer experience throughout their lifecycle.

The synergistic effect of Salesforce Solutions has proven instrumental in:

  1. Engaging Customers Throughout Their Journey: Creating meaningful touchpoints that resonate with customers at every stage, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty.

  2. Expanding the Buyer Ecosystem: Attracting and integrating new customers into the ecosystem, thereby broadening the reach and impact of Estates 61.

  3. Providing a 360-Degree View: Empowering agents and customers alike with a comprehensive view of preferences, choices, and behaviors, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  4. Hyper-Personalization for Automated Marketing Journeys: Leveraging the Salesforce suite for hyper-personalization, enabling the automation of marketing journeys based on insightful customer behavior analysis.

Key Metrics Validating Differentiation:

  1. A substantial 28% increase in ROI post-implementation signifies the efficiency and effectiveness of the Salesforce Solutions.

  2. A remarkable 27% increase in Customer Lifetime Value highlights the enduring value Estates 61 provides to its customer base

  3. A significant 31% increase in Personalized Customer Engagement underscores the success of tailored, customer-centric strategies

  4. An impressive 3X increase in revenue through Digital Channels attests to the successful integration of digital platforms into the marketing strategy

  5. A noteworthy 2X increase in lead conversion showcases the enhanced efficacy of lead generation and conversion processes

  6. A commendable 27% increase in operational efficiencies reflects the streamlined and optimized operations facilitated by the technology adoption.

Through the strategic integration of technology and the wealth of experience in the real estate industry, the leadership at Estates 61 has not only expanded its customer base but also consistently delivered value to its partners and enhanced the market value of associated builders. This commitment to innovation and excellence positions Estates 61 at the forefront of the real estate channel partner landscape.